Cambridge Climate Message

"We, the people and organisations of the city of Cambridge in the UK, support local and global efforts to take action on climate change. We recognise the serious threat which climate change poses to everyone everywhere.

This is why we are calling on all parties at COP21 to come to an ambitious and fair agreement which gives the best chance possible of staying below a 2 degree Celsius global average temperature rise.”


The Cambridge Climate Message is now closed for signing.

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Organisational Supporters

Why? The idea behind the message

The Cambridge Climate Message to COP21 is a message from the people and organisations of Cambridge to all those participating in the global climate change negotiations (COP21) in Paris between 30th November and 11th December 2015. As well as being published online it will be sent to Sir David King, the UK special envoy for climate change. Many people in Cambridge care deeply about our future and recognise that taking action locally, although very important, will in itself be insufficient to stop disastrous climate disruption. This is why this message brings together voices from across the city to provide a strong unified message for national and international leaders, calling on them to come to an ambitious and fair international agreement.

The Cambridge Climate Message provides an opportunity for individuals to join a collective community driven call for ambitious global climate action. For organisations it provides an opportunity to show their customers, service users, staff, members and investors that they understand that strong climate policy both at home and abroad is necessary for local communities and economies, like Cambridge, to thrive.

The Cambridge Climate Message is just one project among many which are bringing together people and organisations in Cambridge in support of greater climate action. These efforts will not stop with COP21. Cambridge’s journey to becoming a world leading city for climate action is only just beginning. Signing the Cambridge Climate Message is an important step on that journey.

Activities In Cambridge

In the run-up to the Paris Summit and during the event, there are a number of events in Cambridge which you might be interested in...

28th November: Paris Climate Summit information stall in the Cambridge Market Place from 11am - 3pm at the Guildhall

29th November: London Climate March (a Cambridge group is being coordinated by Cambridge Carbon Footprint)

29th November: 13h00 A picnic for climate change on Parker's Piece (organised through Avaaz and other local groups)

30th November to 9th December: Pivotal Festival of Change

30th Nov (lunchtime): Cambridge Remembers Lost Species

30th Nov: The Change Exhibition with Collaborating Cambridge

1st Dec: Pivotal Conversations with Telling Tales

4th Dec: True Tales of Change

5th Dec: Pivotal, Transition Cambridge and other local groups will be at Mill Road Winter Fair

6th Dec: The Empty Common Community Garden Party

6th Dec: Mario Petrucci - Amazonia

7th Dec: Pivotal Takeover - Cambridge 105 Radio

8th Dec: Steve Waters - In a Vulnerable Place

10th Dec: Chris Forman: Can iPods grow on trees?

Who created this message

This message was drafted by James Smith and the website was created by Chris Forman and Anna McIvor. Feel free to email us on Cambridge Climate Message.

We are very grateful for the support of numerous people and various local groups and organisations who have helped to distribute the message, including Cambridge Carbon Footprint, 38 Degrees, the Cambridge Hub, the Cambridge Green Party, Pivotal, and Transition Cambridge.

The Cambridge Climate Message is now closed for signing as the Paris Climate Conference has finished. Many thanks to everyone who supported us in sending this message. Read more here.